Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot 2022

Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot 2022

I am not one to say the obvious and yet if you’re contemplating an brand new construction venture for your business the project has already started. Make a checklist of tasks and be prepared for what might not be as clear or straightforward to determine. This is the cost which are unpredictable and plan-based associated … Read more

What Is Light Gauge Steel Construction And Its Advantages

What Is Light Gauge Steel Construction And Its Advantages

Back Ground The construction industry is looking for safe, innovative and improved construction materials and methods for the construction of office, residential and other structures. Construction industry is increasingly demanding for advances in quality, lavish, and better construction in either constructing a commercial or residential building. Light gauge steel (also know as cold-formed steel) construction … Read more

Hydration Of Portland Cement Explained

Introduction Hydration Of Portland cement is defined as ‚Äúdissolution-precipitation‚ÄĚ process. During this process cement in mix reacts with water and transforms from fluid phase to porous solid matter known as concrete. This process of hardening during hydration process is known as setting of concrete. Strength continue to develop after hardening stage. Hydration process several stages … Read more

What Is Pile Foundation And Pile Load Test

Pile Foundation When the soil at or near the ground surface is unable in bearing the load of super-structure, deep foundations are required to transmit the load to deeper strata. The most common types of deep foundations are pile, piers and caissons. A deep foundation is generally much more expensive than a shallow foundation. It … Read more


BRIEF IDEAS ABOUT HYDRAULIC MACHINERY IN CONSTRUCTION Hydraulic equipment and machines are now used in most of industries, including construction. Machines which use high fluid power to perform any work or task are called as hydraulic machinery. These machines work by using fluid which entered into machine at very high pressure which is basically maintained … Read more

What Is Rebound Hammer Test,Its Principle And Advantages

The rebound hammer test is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete which provide a convenient and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete. The rebound hammer is also called as Schmidt hammer that consist of a spring controlled mass that slides on a plunger within a tubular housing. The principle is based on … Read more

Difference Between One Way Slab And Two Way Slab

one way two way slab

  Understanding the Difference Between One Way Slab and Two Way Slab in Structural Design” Structural engineering relies on various elements to create stable and durable buildings. Among these elements, slabs play a pivotal role in establishing flat surfaces, particularly in roofs, floors, and bridges. Understanding the distinctions between one way and two way slabs … Read more

What is Grouting and the Different Types of Grouts

Grouting is a construction process that creates an impermeable barrier between two surfaces. Grouts are typically made of cement, sand, and water.Grouts come in many different types including epoxy grout for waterproofing outdoor spaces or acrylic grout for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Grouting is the key to any successful construction project because it … Read more