Hydraulic Construction MachinesHydraulic equipment and machines are now used in most of industries, including construction. Machines which use high fluid power to perform any work or task are called as hydraulic machinery. These machines work by using fluid which entered into machine at very high pressure which is basically maintained by operators. In all hydraulic machine operator is the only person who decide that how much amount of fluid is required to push into machines.

Engines and electric motors are used to start hydraulic pumps. Control valves are used mainly to control the pressure of pumps. After controlling pressure to certain level it is usually distributed to different parts of machines.

Hydraulic machines have gained so much momentum because of its tendency to transfer huge power via just small tubes. Actuators and high density can make use of power easily.


Fluid pressure is the theory behind the hydraulic power.

  • The concept behind power is when pressure is given to some small area then high force is produced which can be used on large areas.
  • Highly pressured fluid have large amount of energy which is carried by small flow.


These pumps are used for transferring fluid in all components of machine. Power density of these pumps is quite higher. It is almost ten times when compared with electric motors. Electric motors and engines are mainly used to give power to pumps. In order to reduce the vibration these electric motors use gears and belts.

Different types of pumps which are used by hydraulic machines are as follow

Gear pump- These pumps are cheaper and quite durable. These are used for power less than 3000 psi. Because of constant displacement it is less efficient.

Vane pump- For lower pressure and higher flow these pumps are quite beneficial. These pumps are quite good because they are cheap and reliable.


The way it handle pressure and temperature define what kind of hose it is. In this it has rubber interior which is further covered by woven wires.

While designing hose few things are kept in mind like its radius because any mistake while designing can create huge loss.

Mainly hoses and tubes are used for high pressure pipes are hardly used when pressure is high.


Different uses of fitting are as follow

  • It is used to connect O-ring to JIC and then face seal and pipe threads.
  • Even fittings are used for different type of alignment.
  • Bulkhead hardware can be incorporated by using fitting.
  • Without doing any modifications in valves and hoses disconnect fitting can be added if required.