What is Waterproofing Its Types and Why Is It Necessary


  What is waterproofing and why is it necessary? Waterproofing is a process that protects your home from water damage. Protecting your property against water damage can be done in various ways, but the most popular and effective way is with a liquid sealant on the exterior surface of the building. This liquid sealant blocks … Read more

What is dumpy level and dumpy level survey,components,limitations

What is dumpy level A dumpy level is a precision instrument used for measuring angles in the horizontal plane, typically designed to measure vertical angles. It is a type of optical “spirit” level. The name comes from “dumpy level,” which was an instrument with a telescope and crosshairs that was able to measure all three … Read more

Difference Between One Way Slab And Two Way Slab

Two Way slab

What Is Slab? A slab is vital structural element to create flat surfaces, typically horizontal, in building roofs, floors, bridges, and other types of structures. A slab has generally someĀ  150mm thickness in commercial buildings however thickness may change depending upon the structure we are constructing and it is supported by other structural elements like … Read more

The website Author Mr.Shoaib Iqbal

Webofconcrete Hello guys this is me shoaib iqbal the owner of webofconcrete.com i started this website in 2020 with the dream to get it to the high ranks.The website is doing pretty well as of now as its having only on page SEO and still able to get thousonds of impressions.i am trying to creat … Read more

Combined Footing – Definition And Its Types

T shaped combined footing

When you combine footings, you reduce the cost and increase the stability of a building. Basically, when two or more footings are combined into one footing that is larger than any of the individual footings, it is called a combined footing. This technique can be used to provide structural support for buildings with difficult terrain … Read more

Staircases: Types, Requirements and Guidelines


Staircases are often the first thing people see when they enter a building. Stairs can be used to connect one floor to another, or provide access to levels that are not on the same level. Stairs should always meet certain requirements and follow guidelines before installation. Staircases types can range from spiral staircases for tight … Read more