How To Repair Concrete With Concrete Patch

Conctete patch saves you from repairing the entire driveway or any concrete with cracks. If you have concrete surface on your property odds are you are going to repair at some point concrete is a durable and versatile material but there are many factors that can develop cracks in it and your concrete work out … Read more

Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

Hey wait a minute you are on the right page if you are searching for best shoes for walking on concrete.You are a working man and you daily stand or walk hours on concrete which eventually hurt your feet.Even the youngest fella can feel leg pain or feet pain and severe fatigue.To elliminate this pain … Read more

How To Use A Concrete Saw | What Are Its Types

To use a saw for cutting concrete we should always use diamond blade Concrete saw because of its shape it gets easier to perform cutting task.It also depends on what diameters of diamond blade Concrete saw can accomdiate,it’s arbor size and the quality of balde. What Points Should I Consirder Before Buying A Concrete Saw? … Read more

Concrete Texture Everything You Want To Know About

concrete texture in order to get it we should properly use concrete ratios,usually for Rcc work we should use minimum M20 (1part:cement 1.5 parts sand 3 parts aggregate)grade concrete from my personal experience. I have seen Texture depends mostly on the size of aggregate and the sand we are using,color of sand may change area … Read more