What is shoring system and its uses

AR-80 Shoring System

Due to its high connection-point bearing capacity, the Multidirectional System can be used with slabs in construction or civil engineering. The system supports assembly of the Shoring System (equally spaced base jacks) or independent towers. In the latter case, the floor measurements can range from 0.73 m to 2.57 m.

The design of Shoring Systems must be checked based on static calculations of the structure.

Based on load data from the weight of the materials, such as the formwork, the concrete and possible overloads (assembly of formwork, vibrated concrete, etc.), we will achieve modulation of the towers.
The design process will take into account the strength of each of the components that make up the shoring system, one after another: base jacks, standards, ledgers, diagonal components, headers and beams. The maximum useful load is 8,000 kg per base jack with ledgers every 1.5 m, or 6,500 kg per base jack with ledgers every 2 m (safety factor N=2), as long as the system is properly braced and assembled, and keeping in mind the criteria set out in this manual.

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