Top 10 Construction Industry Podcasts You Need to Check Out

It’s possible to say that the year 2020 has been the year of the dumpster fire. year. The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shelter-in place orders, stay-at home orders and other health measures have profoundly affected how we live and work. This year , I’ve been having, although not necessarily more time, but with less to do with my time, such as going to the cinema, travelling, going to concerts and sporting events, and spending time with my family and friends.

Alongside having more time for some of my favourite hobbies such as photography, woodworking as well as reading. I’ve also been watching a lot of audiobooks this past year. Most of the time the podcasts I’ve been listening to have been my own interests and hobbies however, I’ve also had the opportunity to explore some excellent podcasts in the construction industry.

I’ve made an overview of the most popular 10 podcasts in the construction industry I’ve had the privilege to listen to this year. The main criteria for a show being included on this list is been educational, informative and, most important most importantly, entertaining. Take a look download a few episodes and then enjoy. (They’re perfect to help you get through your day’s commute.)

AEC Disruptors Podcast

The name of the show implies, The AEC Disruptors podcast is committed to encouraging innovations and transforming the AEC industry in order to move it forward. Every episode hosts Christopher Riddell chats with industry experts on the new innovations and innovations that are transforming the construction industry. He also explains how these disruptors are creating positive changes in the way we build and design.

Art of Construction Podcast

The podcast was launched in 2014 and is presented by Devon Tilly, the Art of Construction podcast has a broad range of subjects, including interviews with experts from the industry as well as other experts to help contractors expand and grow their businesses. Most recent shows have included everything from incorporating the mental health program to safety education, dealing with financing for supply chains, and implementing the Microsoft Digital Building Lifecycle for data-driven decision-making.

Bridging the Gap in Podcast

Although the focus is on people working within the mechanical, electric, and plumbing (MEP) industry The Bridging the Gap podcast hosted by Todd Weyandt has something for anyone working in the construction field. Topics covered include construction technology that improves productivity, collaboration and much more. It is worth a look regardless of whether or not your work is involved in MEP or something else.

Building the Future Podcast

The year 2020 wasn’t all bad. It saw the debut of Building the Future podcast hosted by Brett Thorne, Operations Officer at Thorne Lumber Company. The podcast discusses topics that pertain to both commercial and residential construction industry which include creating a culture of the company and technology, improving efficiency as well as personal development and growth.


hosted by Missy Scherber and hosted by Missy Scherber, the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio show covers all things related to construction with experts from the industry and business owners. Similar to the CONEXPO-CON/AGG exhibition, this podcast features the focus of technology and construction equipment.

With over 100 shows, the CONEXPO CON/AGG Radio show covers a amount of everything, from new trends in the construction industry, as well as tips on managing and running a successful construction company.

Construction Brothers Podcast

This is yet another fairly new, but highly entertaining construction podcast you should to begin listening to and following. This Construction Brothers podcast is hosted by probably guessed it the brothers Eddie Tyler and Eddie Tyler Campbell who, along with their father, own ABSI, an architectural Information Modeling (BIM) firm.

Although they do concentrate on technology and automation in a lot of episodes–they also manage the BIM businessafter all, and I’ve also watched episodes on RFIs emotion intelligence and mass timber and my most favourite conversation by Roy Underhill, host of PBS’s Woodwright’s Shop which I’ve loved since the time I was a child.

Bonus The BidCoach, our very own BidCoach, Mark Fly, was in Episode 19: What is the most effective Bid to be the Cheapest?

Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Another podcast that is well-known, The Construction Leading Edge with host Todd Dawalt, has been producing amazing advice and information since 2014. The topics cover everything you require to be able to run a successful construction business and to grow your business. Todd’s interviews with experts in the field and experts from the industry will make you feel like an in-depth course on how to be successful in the field of construction.

Construction Record Podcast

The next item on our list is a podcast that caters to our northern neighbors in Canada. It’s called the Construction Record will be the most popular national newscast on construction in ConstructConnect’s Daily Commercial News and the Journal of Commerce. A rotating group of cohosts of ConstructConnect’s JOC along with the DCN editorial staff provide the latest news from the industry and “the tales behind the construction news” coming from Canada’s Great White North.

ConTechCrew Podcast

In 2016, the podcast was launched as The ConTechTrio by JBKnowledge launched in 2016, the ConTechCrew podcast is your go-to source for the latest and most relevant information on construction technology and developments. Every every week James Benham and his team delve into the world of construction technology, and the general field of technology as well as conducting interviews with the people who are behind the construction technology, as well as the professionals in the industry who are leveraging construction technology in real life to enhance their businesses and propel the technology forward.

We Belong Podcast

“Women of Asphalt’s Where We Belong podcast is specifically devoted to highlighting women working in the field of asphalt. Every episode, they interview industry experts to discuss their professional lives and how they started their careers in the field of construction and what they’ve done to overcome obstacles and difficulties to make it in a male-dominated sector. Other topics discussed include the importance of encouraging more women to pursue careers in construction as well as the latest developments in the road and asphalt infrastructure sectors.