What You Need To Know About Being A Business Coach

What You Need To Know About Being A Business Coach

If you are seeking a new profession and have an interest in business and personal development, you may want to give some thought to becoming a business coach. This is somebody who helps many people and businesses identify and achieve their goals. With this career, you have the pleasure of knowing that other people are … Read more

Four Ways to Judge Construction Project Success

3 Common (And Expensive) Construction HR Compliance Issues & Their Solutions

The ubiquitous triple constraint of project management Every project must be on time, within budget, in scope – and meet quality standards. Adjust one element of the triple constraint and the other elements must shift accordingly. Unfortunately, meeting the triple constraint is often the only measure of project success, when other factors should be considered. … Read more

What Is Light Gauge Steel Construction And Its Advantages

What Is Light Gauge Steel Construction And Its Advantages

Back Ground The construction industry is looking for safe, innovative and improved construction materials and methods for the construction of office, residential and other structures. Construction industry is increasingly demanding for advances in quality, lavish, and better construction in either constructing a commercial or residential building. Light gauge steel (also know as cold-formed steel) construction … Read more

What Is Self Compacting Concrete And Its Practical Use

Definition ACI 237 defines Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) as “highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that can spread into place, fill the formwork, encapsulate the reinforcement without any mechanical consolidation. Idea Of Self Compacting Concrete SCC idea was brought up by Japanese scientists as they considered following drawbacks which were associated with conventional concrete system Mechanical Vibration … Read more

Hydration Of Portland Cement Explained

Introduction Hydration Of Portland cement is defined as “dissolution-precipitation” process. During this process cement in mix reacts with water and transforms from fluid phase to porous solid matter known as concrete. This process of hardening during hydration process is known as setting of concrete. Strength continue to develop after hardening stage. Hydration process several stages … Read more

How to Find a Residential Painting Contractor

How to Find a Residential Painting Contractor

If you would like to avoid the headache and stress of painting your own home, then you should seriously looking into hiring a residential painting contractor to take care of this job for you. Depending on the size of the job, they can come into your home, and change the color of your world in … Read more

Best 5 Amazing Basement Remodels

5 Amazing Basement Remodels If you’re lucky enough to have a basement and access to a list of basement remodelling contractors, you probably have entertained ideas of how you would make the space more useful. But, you considered a basement remodel to be a considerable undertaking, so you never got around to finalizing a plan … Read more

Free Download Civil Engineering Books

Download Free Civil Engineering Ebooks Structural Engineering Handbook 28.23 MB Earthquake Engineering Handbook 134MB Part 1 Part 2 Structural Details in Concrete 7.43 MB Bridge Design Manual 2000 – Hydraulic Design 0.52 MB Bridge Design Manual 2003 6.07 MB Design Manual Metric 18.81 MB ANSYS – Methods of Analysis 9.58 MB Finite Element Analysis of Structural Steelwork Beam to Column Bolted Connections 0.41 MB … Read more

Cold Weather Concrete And Its Tips

Cold Weather Concrete Tips by Doug Bannister from The Stamp Store Oh, if only temperatures always ranged from 60 to 80 degrees, it never rained during daylight hours, all my jobs went off without a hitch and I had an eight shot handicap.The reality is temperatures drop below freezing for many of us during the … Read more

What Is Pile Foundation And Pile Load Test

Pile Foundation When the soil at or near the ground surface is unable in bearing the load of super-structure, deep foundations are required to transmit the load to deeper strata. The most common types of deep foundations are pile, piers and caissons. A deep foundation is generally much more expensive than a shallow foundation. It … Read more