Concrete Texture Everything You Want To Know About

concrete texture in order to get it we should properly use concrete ratios,usually for Rcc work we should use minimum M20 (1part:cement 1.5 parts sand 3 parts aggregate)grade concrete from my personal experience.

I have seen Texture depends mostly on the size of aggregate and the sand we are using,color of sand may change area to area my recommendation we should check color of sand and it should be greenish in color and grainy.Sometimes Texture is known as Stucco.

The most important part in order to get desired Concrete Texture it depends on tools we are using to finish the upper surface of concrete,you can use wood floats for coarser texture,steel trowel for smooth texture.

I have just discussed two important facts about  texture or you can simply say the concrete finishing that we get after concrete placement.Most of people in USA UK face a lot of problem of having faulty concrete texture problems.

This is because we don’t place concrete with proper care.if we have some old surface damaged concrete we don’t need to demolish old concrete there are certain products in market that can enhance texture by renovating and repairing it.

Depending upon the appearance of concrete how it will look its the choice of the person how he wants to decorate outer top surface of concrete.

You can place rocks,pebbles in wet concrete if you want rough outer surface,similarly there are various other options like using Granite stone or kota stone.

Now if we want concrete texture to be different in color other than its natural one simply we have to add color in cement.So concrete texture is of various types it depends on the tools we are using,concrete ratio we are using,type of sand and the color.

Can we give Concrete Texture to walls?

Texture concrete

Concrete Texture can easily be given to walls as concrete can adapt any shape,color and texture.If we have a wall to which we have to give texture to make it look more beautiful we have to apply a base coat of wet concrete to plain wall so that the texture material can fix to concrete properly.

The textured material that we are discussing here is known as overlay.we have to fix this overlay to the wall and then using concrete stamp we can easily give texture to the wall,we can give various shapes like bricks and stone like texture.

In India in order to give texture to a wall we use tiles commonly known as Rajasthani tiles and the material can be mortar or sand if we have to give texture to a wall we make fresh paste of cement and sand and then apply it on the tile that we are using then we stick it to the wall according to the wall dimensions.Tile can be of any shape thus we can get texture of any type that will make our wall more attractive.

Can We Give Texture To Existing Concrete?

We can give texture to any existing concrete block or wall or column as concrete is a versatile material it can be shaped or textured very easily.First we have to create fresh paste of concrete generally we call it as Concrete and then we have to apply this paste to existing concrete block.

After this we need a desired overlay which we have to fix over the said paste.The overlay can be a shape of a Rock or a brick or of any shape.We simply fix it on the concrete stamp according to dimensions.

How Can we pour new concrete over old cracked concrete?

if we have old cracked concrete and we need to rectify it there is a way to make it structurally strong and load bearable.First we need to clear old cracked concrete surface then we have to use binding wire that we use to bind steel,place or distribute it evenly make a small mesh of it,then we have to make fresh concrete using small aggregates and fine sand.The aggregate size should be not more than 12.5mm.Place it on the mesh distribute concrete evenly wait a day and then make a mix of cement and sand of ratio 1:6 and apply on the casted surface thus we get fresh texture and we replaced old cracked surface by new one.

Do concrete overlays crack?

Concret overlays usually crack when we use our overlays over an already cracked surface what happen is this crack with the passage of time grow in size and hence affects our concrete overlay.In order to make sure our overlays shouldn’t crack we should first fix the old cracked surface by using a concrete stamp or just removing the surface and using a new fresh concrete on it.It also depends on the thickness of an overlay that we are using,many people don’t know What should be the thickness of a concrete overlay?

well the answer for this is we should use minimum 25mm to maximum 50mm concrete overlay this size bonds well with base surface make sure surface is crack free.