Air pressure test for Geomembrane

Geomembranes are thin, plastic sheet like substances which can be made in factories under managed environment.Geomembranes may be permeable or impermeable. Impermeable geomembranes are used as a water barrier in hydropower structures, at the same time as permeable geomembranes are carried out for the seepage water to pass through with out removing the soil. If a geomembrane is related to a geotextile, together will be`geocomposite.

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Air pressure test on HDPE geomembrane

Air pressure test is a non destructive test on geomembrane

Instruments needed in this test

  • Split wedge Welding machine with a dual track nozzle
  • Air pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Silicon silicate
  1. Prepare seams by using split wedge welding machine up to 3 metre.
  2. Welding machine prepares two weld separated by unbonded channel.
  3. The channel is sealed at both ends
  4. Air is pumped to the channel up to the certain limit
  5. Now if the needle in pressure gauge drops it means there is a leak or unbounded area.
  6. Use little amount of water over the area to indicate exact location of leak, if there is bubbles created at any point, it will be a leak.
  7. You need to seal the puncture with appropriate sealant
  8. Follow the procedure for entire geomembrane.

The pressure is monitored to insure weld integrity all through the seam. As a fact a passing seam will retain stress immediately, while a weak seam will keep to loose pressure because the weld progressively peels open. The minimal stress is decided consistent with the graph and chart proven aove. Air channel test is non-destructive test approach for field seams. Air channel test will discover flaws and vulnerable regions that might in any other case be neglected with the aid of using an air lance. You need to know also excavation and its types

Air pressure test

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