The website Author Mr.Shoaib Iqbal


Hello guys this is me shoaib iqbal the owner of i started this website in 2020 with the dream to get it to the high ranks.The website is doing pretty well as of now as its having only on page SEO and still able to get thousonds of impressions.i am trying to creat new articles regarding civil engineering daily.

I am professionally a civil engineer started job in 2017 and currently i am Dam engineer at 150MW Tidong hydropower project HP.

Shoaib Iqbal is also a digital marketter helped lot of guys in their sails from social media.Shoaib Iqbal can design websites on wordpress and html.

My message to the guys who are trying to make some money from websites is to hang in there till you get your results and don’t lose your hope.Its never late in search engine you will get your results if you are doing your work efficiently.

Shoaib Iqbal can also teach students seo how to get higher ranks in google search engine.How to do off page and on page seo.

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