How to make white concrete counterlops (GFRC)

Hey what’s up today i’m going to write about white GFRC white concrete countertops.

white conterlops

Short Guide To Make White Concrete Countertops 

I was yesterday watching few pictures of the job it was about a project white concrete.We experiment in the shop trying to figure things out.I guess the most logical thing for me the time was to thought yeah sure we can do white concrete.I thought first we’ll take out the grey ingredient which is great Portland cement and substitute that for white Portland cement then we’ll have white concrete but that didn’t really work like that we made a sample in the shop and the sample ahead of this was just off-white color.So this is the first sample we did and if you can tell it’s get like an off-white color

The reason that it has an off-white color was because the sand in the concrete was like this yellowy brownish it’s like a white color sand but it’s not a white sand it’s like a beige color.Anyways I think that beige color makes the white Portland once you sand it a little bit that beige color comes through and it makes it not white.

It’s like an off-white color so we figured then from that point we don’t have the raw materials here in Lynchburg .At least I couldn’t find them I don’t know where to get white sand like really really white sand so the most logical thing to do for me was since i’m already using buddy roads add mixes in my mix.

white countertops

  1. Buy a bag of white GFR seats they have a pre bag mix.
  2. It comes in a color called bone white but it is white straight up white so order a bag of that.
  3. Make a sample of that here and you’ll see that it is really white
  4.  Use your regular mix the only thing we substitute was instead of making our own face cut makes from scratch.We used the buddy road it’s pre-bagged mix.
  5. You need to have forms where you can mix ingredients thoroughly.
  6. We can add any color we spray that in form.
  7. Now spray the white mix in the forms and then we use our regular bathroom mix.
  8. I recommend the bathroom mix i used to make from scratch we made it from scratch again except for this time i substituted out the grey Portland for white.
  9. It can not be seen because the backer mix is in the bottom like on the bottom of the countertop but I just didn’t like the idea of having gray in the bump so we use white Portland then we use all the other regular ingredients we always used.

It actually turned out to be a really great project anyways thanks for reading if you want more info or like my entire mix in the entire process we do made a whole  blog.