How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Hi guys today i’m gonna show you how to easily remove paint and other things from your concrete.I feel super excited about this because my kids come out and absolutely destroy my backyard but now I have an easy way to clean that okay you guys I was just able to remove the sidewalk tattoos that my boys put on our concrete years ago I was able to remove that and also acrylic paint from their rock painting with just this metal awesome metal bristle brush and this one I got at the Dollar Tree it’s over $1 and it is so awesome and then I’m some water that was it that’s all it took so I’m gonna try out some spray paint removal and I’ll let you know that goes [Music] okay so as you guys just saw I was able to get the spray-paint up it didn’t come up as easily and also the acrylic paint with a little tough but pour a little bit of 100% acetone on it and then scrub and it did the trick so that also worked with dry erase markers I tested it so that’s the trick scrub if you can’t get it off just by scrubbing nail polish remover

Guide How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Remove Paint From Concrete

  1. Pour the super remover derectly onto the surface to be stripped.Super Remover
  2. Spread the super remover to get at least a layer of 3mm thick i.e the thickness of 2$ coins.
  3. Let stand at least 15 minutes,do not rush this step
  4. Let the super remover work longer if the coating is very resistant or if there are many layers.
  5. Once the surface is ready use a spatula or a scraper to remove the coating.
  6. Using a striping rod and a bit of super remover to remove any residues still remaining.
  7. Under normal storage conditions around 20 degree Celsius the product consistency is similar to shampoo.
  8. To facilitate vertical surface striping,store a sealed super remover container for one hour in refrigerator.
  9. The product will be thicker and it will slide slower along the surface.