Meaning Of Crushed Concrete Aggregate And How To Make it?

crushed concrete
Recycle concrete aggregate or Crushed concrete
Aggregate concrete is the most common material used for construction around the world.Approximately million tons of concrete debris is domed as construction waste per year.These demolished materials are often dumped on land and are not reused for any purpose this effects the environment and fertility of the land.

Reusing concrete in the form of aggregate would lead to environmental and economic benefits apart from these recycled aggregate has several benefits since they are durable like natural aggregate,versatile can be used for different functions and so on.

To use recycled concrete aggregate for concrete contaminants like reinforcing steel foundation materials soil etc are removed from the concrete debris.It can be done by screening or air separation demolition using electromagnets etc.Then the debris is crushed either manually or mechanically in specified size and quality usually around 20 millimeters to 50 millimeters.


Based on various research it is generally accepted that around 30% of natural crushed coarse aggregate can be replaced with coarse recycled aggregate without significantly affecting any of the properties of the concrete however it is advised to perform the various concrete tests by replacing some part of natural aggregate to determine the perfect proportions of concrete.

Crushed concrete aggregate has a wide variety of uses in the field of the construction industry.The uses are grouped into two categories

1.Unprocessed recycled aggregate

unprocessed recycled aggregates are used for bulk fills riverbank protection base fill for drainage structures aggregate for road construction etc

2.Processed recycled aggregate

The processed recycled aggregates are being utilized for various structural works in bridges pavements used as an aggregate in lean concrete bituminous concrete used in the construction of shoulders median barriers sidewalks curbs and gutters etc

That’s all about crushed concrete.Now we are going to discuss how to make crushed aggregate its preparation.

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