How To Use A Concrete Saw | What Are Its Types

To use a saw for cutting concrete we should always use diamond blade Concrete saw because of its shape it gets easier to perform cutting task.It also depends on what diameters of diamond blade Concrete saw can accomdiate,it’s arbor size and the quality of balde.

What Points Should I Consirder Before Buying A Concrete Saw?

Concrete saw

  • Some times we have to cut Rcc which means Concrete have steel bars in it and their size varies from 10 to 16mm and sometimes more,so it depends a lot on the design of diamond saw blade to cut concrete.And also concrete have aggregate in it and it can be crushed stone where size varies from 10mm to 25mm and sometimes it can be stone boulders,hence depends a lot on the design of diamond blade of cocrete saw to fit them in.
  • We should keep in my mind whether the cutting is wet or dry.If the cutting is dry that is there is no water used during cutting the diamond blade of concrete saw can be blown off and hence will injury the operator.If water is not availlable at the site where work is going on we have to use Sharp Diamond Blade Saw usually sharp blades keep thee saw cool.The purpose of water their is to keep blades cool because it will tear of excessive heat or friction.
  • The speed of Concrete saw blade should be considered, blade with higher speed can be selected
  • How much power Concrete saw is giving to concrete to cut it,concrete saw with higher power output should be choosen over low power output device.

How To Stop Dust while using a concrete saw?

concrete saw dust

  • we should use water while cutting
  • we should use quicker blades that well use less water consumption hence diamond saw blades should be used.
  • The concrete saw should have some vaccum like system that should capture majority of dust produced while cutting

Most important we should give proper safety to operator to prevent injuries.

Some Questions needed to be answered about Concrete Saw

What Is A Concrete Saw Called?

concrete saw also known as a consawroad sawcut-off sawslab saw or quick cut can be used for cutting conncrete,asphalt,brick masonary,tiles etc

What Are Some Types Of Concrete Saw?

Based upon the type of fuel that concrete saw will use there is gasoline concrete saw,hydraulic concrete saw,electric saw.

Based upon the design there are small hand-held saws,chop-saw models,and big walk-behind saws

what is the best concrete saw to be used?

Based upon my 10 year experience in construction industry i would recommend following Concrete Saws

  1. Makita EK6101 14-Inch 61 cc Power Cutter
  2. Husqvarna K4000 14″ Electric Cut-off Saw Wet
  3. Husqvarna Gas Cut-n-Break Power Cutter – 5 HP, 73cc, Model Number K760 Cut-n-Break
  4. Metabo HPT Cut-Off Saw, 12″ Metal Cutting Wheel, Electric, 15-Amp Motor, AC/DC, Portable (CC12Y)
  5. DEWALT Wet Tile Saw, Masonry, 4-3/8-Inch (DWC860W)
  6. Cuz-D SFS-85 Circular Multipurpose Straight Flush Saw
  7. Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Gas Chainsaws, Orange/Gray
  8. Evolution DISCCUT1 12″ Disc Cutter, Orange
  9. SKILSAW SPT79A-10 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive for Concrete
  10. Evolution DISCCUT1 12″ Disc Cutter, Orange

Can A Concrete Saw Cut Steel?

Concrete saw can cut steel it depends upon the type of blade we are using,we should use high speed abrasive cuttoff wheel type of concrete saw,but please be careful and take proper safety precautions while using it.

Abrasive blades may lead you to “force” the saw, a dangerous move that could result in losing control of the saw and suffering a potentially life-threatening cut.  Don’t take the risk;

How To Cut Concrete?

High speed diamond blade concrete saw can be used to cut concrete keep in my mind you have to use water while cutting concrete with diamond blade concrete saw.Its very cheap than abrasive blade type concrete saw and is less dangerous.

will a concrete saw cut a rebar?

wet cutters with diamond blade concrete saw can cut a rebar but you have to be very careful while using it.

Guide To Cut A Steel or Rebar in with Concrete Saw

cut rebar

  1. Measure the area that needs to be cut.Concrete cutters are not good at precise or sharp angles, so give room for slack in the measurements.
  2. Mark the area with permanent marker lines should be highly visible and should not be wash away with water.
  3. Use camera to get pictures of the marked area and go to a rental store
  4. Rent the equipment that best suites for your job,it can be Walk-behind cutters are designed for such things as cutting paths in driveways, sidewalks and foundations. A hand-cutter works with walls and other upright structures.
  5. The most important is you should know what equipment you are going to rent and how to use it with proper care,because cutters can lead serious accidents if used without knowing anything about it.
  6. set up the equipment and follow the instructions by reading user manual
  7. Ensure blade is properly mounted
  8. Put on safety like glasses,mask,gloves,boats with steel in the front,safety jacket.
  9. Start the tool and wait till it reaches its proper speed,lift the tool and place properly on one of the marked line to start cutting and follow other marked area along with the line

Hence with this guide you can easily cut a concrete with proper care and safety.

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