Staircases: Types, Requirements and Guidelines

Staircases are often the first thing people see when they enter a building. Stairs can be used to connect one floor to another, or provide access to levels that are not on the same level. Stairs should always meet certain requirements and follow guidelines before installation. Staircases types can range from spiral staircases for tight … Read more

What is pre tensioning and post tensioning in pre stressed concrete

Pre-Tensioning in Prestressed Concrete The Pre-stressed Concrete Institute (PCI) defines Pre-Stressing as “the application of a force to the reinforcing steel in concrete, so that it is loaded and unloaded periodically, to develop tensile stresses in the steel. The periodic loading produces compressive stresses which resist cracking.” Pre-tensioning is done by pulling or tightening cables … Read more

All About Slump Cone Test

Slump Cone Test | Workability Test Concrete slump cone test Slump Cone Test is the most commonly used method of measuring the consistency of concrete work where the nominal maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38 millimeters. This method can be employed either in the laboratory or at the site. Apparatus is required … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Hi guys today i’m gonna show you how to easily remove paint and other things from your concrete.I feel super excited about this because my kids come out and absolutely destroy my backyard but now I have an easy way to clean that okay you guys I was just able to remove the sidewalk tattoos … Read more

Concrete Driveway Repair Guide

if you have a Concrete driveway on your property,odds are you’re gonna have to repair it at some point.Concrete is a durable,versatile material but there’s many factors that can lead to a damaged driveway can crack into pieces and push them out of alignment. Cold temperatures and ice can lead to damage and normal wear … Read more

How To Make Concrete Coffee Table At Home

Hey guys what’s going on I’m Shoaib Iqbal and in this post I’m gonna show you how I built this modern concrete coffee table check it out.   So this project was a bit of a learning curve I wanted to practice some concrete work for a client job coming up. so I started out … Read more

How To Do Concrete Caulk For Concrete Control Joints

Hi thanks for checking out you know it might be a surprise to some readersĀ  that not everything carpenters are required to do fall under the category of living the dream of being a carpenter, shingling roofs insulating and concrete caulk control joints in concrete all fall into that category but it’s work that … Read more

How To Make Pervious Concrete?Where We Use It And Why?

Pervious concrete is durable strong and water can flow right through it.This Guide will show you how to make it? Regular concrete uses rock and sand mixed with cement to form a hard and durable material pervious concrete omits the sand creating voids that water can pass through large Follow These Steps To Make Pervious … Read more