What Is Light Gauge Steel Construction And Its Advantages

What Is Light Gauge Steel Construction And Its Advantages

Back Ground The construction industry is looking for safe, innovative and improved construction materials and methods for the construction of office, residential and other structures. Construction industry is increasingly demanding for advances in quality, lavish, and better construction in either constructing a commercial or residential building. Light gauge steel (also know as cold-formed steel) construction … Read more

What Is Self Compacting Concrete And Its Practical Use

Definition ACI 237 defines Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) as “highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that can spread into place, fill the formwork, encapsulate the reinforcement without any mechanical consolidation. Idea Of Self Compacting Concrete SCC idea was brought up by Japanese scientists as they considered following drawbacks which were associated with conventional concrete system Mechanical Vibration … Read more

Free Download Civil Engineering Books

Download Free Civil Engineering Ebooks Structural Engineering Handbook 28.23 MB Earthquake Engineering Handbook 134MB Part 1 Part 2 Structural Details in Concrete 7.43 MB Bridge Design Manual 2000 – Hydraulic Design 0.52 MB Bridge Design Manual 2003 6.07 MB Design Manual Metric 18.81 MB ANSYS – Methods of Analysis 9.58 MB Finite Element Analysis of Structural Steelwork Beam to Column Bolted Connections 0.41 MB … Read more


BRIEF IDEAS ABOUT HYDRAULIC MACHINERY IN CONSTRUCTION Hydraulic equipment and machines are now used in most of industries, including construction. Machines which use high fluid power to perform any work or task are called as hydraulic machinery. These machines work by using fluid which entered into machine at very high pressure which is basically maintained … Read more

Air pressure test for Geomembrane

Geomembranes are thin, plastic sheet like substances which can be made in factories under managed environment.Geomembranes may be permeable or impermeable. Impermeable geomembranes are used as a water barrier in hydropower structures, at the same time as permeable geomembranes are carried out for the seepage water to pass through with out removing the soil. If … Read more

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Combined Footing – Definition And Its Types

When you combine footings, you reduce the cost and increase the stability of a building. Basically, when two or more footings are combined into one footing that is larger than any of the individual footings, it is called a combined footing. This technique can be used to provide structural support for buildings with difficult terrain … Read more