How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Hi guys today i’m gonna show you how to easily remove paint and other things from your concrete.I feel super excited about this because my kids come out and absolutely destroy my backyard but now I have an easy way to clean that okay you guys I was just able to remove the sidewalk tattoos … Read more

Concrete Driveway Repair Guide

if you have a Concrete driveway on your property,odds are you’re gonna have to repair it at some point.Concrete is a durable,versatile material but there’s many factors that can lead to a damaged driveway can crack into pieces and push them out of alignment. Cold temperatures and ice can lead to damage and normal wear … Read more

How To Make Concrete Coffee Table At Home

Hey guys what’s going on I’m Shoaib Iqbal and in this post I’m gonna show you how I built this modern concrete coffee table check it out.   So this project was a bit of a learning curve I wanted to practice some concrete work for a client job coming up. so I started out … Read more

How To Do Concrete Caulk For Concrete Control Joints

Hi thanks for checking out you know it might be a surprise to some readersĀ  that not everything carpenters are required to do fall under the category of living the dream of being a carpenter, shingling roofs insulating and concrete caulk control joints in concrete all fall into that category but it’s work that … Read more

How To Make Pervious Concrete?Where We Use It And Why?

Pervious concrete is durable strong and water can flow right through it.This Guide will show you how to make it? Regular concrete uses rock and sand mixed with cement to form a hard and durable material pervious concrete omits the sand creating voids that water can pass through large Follow These Steps To Make Pervious … Read more

Meaning Of Crushed Concrete Aggregate And How To Make it?

Recycle concrete aggregate or Crushed concrete Aggregate concrete is the most common material used for construction around the world.Approximately million tons of concrete debris is domed as construction waste per year.These demolished materials are often dumped on land and are not reused for any purpose this effects the environment and fertility of the land. Reusing … Read more

How to make white concrete counterlops (GFRC)

Hey what’s up today i’m going to write about white GFRC white concrete countertops. Short Guide To Make White Concrete CountertopsĀ  I was yesterday watching few pictures of the job it was about a project white concrete.We experiment in the shop trying to figure things out.I guess the most logical thing for me the time … Read more

Guide To Make White Concrete At Home Experimental

White Concrete is white in colour other than basic concrete which is made up of three simple ingredients sand,cement and an aggregate like stones or gravel. Whenever you buy a bag of concrete mix like quikrete that’s what’s in there they’ve just got a very specific ratio of each of those ingredients but there’s no … Read more

How To Instal Bricks,Pavers And Concrete Blocks

We are going to write first about How to instal a flexible pavement or Road with Concrete Blocks? 1.Excavation: Ensure sufficient ground material is dug out to accommodate the required pavement layer Ensure its evently formed,compacted and then each soft spots are made good. 2.Setting Out: Ensure sufficient setting out is undertaken in our case … Read more